New Challenge Announced

The Unsupervised and Transfer Learning Challenge is being held until April 15. The goal of the challenge is to “[...] devise preprocessing algorithms to create good data representations. The algorithms can be trained with unlabeled data only during phase 1 (unsupervised learning). Some labels (from other classes than those used for evaluation) will be made available during phase 2 (transfer learning).

There are prizes to be gained and the first phase submissions are being accepted until February 28, 2011.

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  • I know Powell!! I feel so brilliant! I think both men knew they were going and emmitt was almost relieved. I can only imagine how badly they all hurt. I think Shawn will probably win and is the most talented, but I’d like to see Melissa win since she never has before. I love Kelly and Val. I’d be happy with any winner. I’m happy it’s the women. They have been the most interesting.

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