Deep Networks Advance State of Art in Speech

Deep Learning leads to breakthrough in speech recognition at MSR.

Speech Recognition Leaps Forward – Microsoft Research

Dong Yu, researcher at Microsoft Research Redmond, and Frank Seide, senior researcher and research manager with Microsoft Research Asia, have been spearheading this work, and their teams have collaborated on what has developed into a research breakthrough in the use of artificial neural networks for large-vocabulary speech recognition.

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  • sakthivel

    please send me a link for downloading networking tutorial.

  • 음성인식은 hidden maorkv modek을 가장 많이 사용하는 걸로 알고 있는데요 혹시 hmm에 대한 스터디는 끝내셨는지요? 안보셨다면 그것부터 먼저 보심이 어떨지요 더불어 DTW(Dynamic Time Warping) 도 함께요. n-gram도요