Google’s Large Scale Deep Learning Experiments

Google’s new large-scale learning experimentation using 16000 CPU cores and deep learning as part of google brain project had made a big success on Imagenet dataset. This success had a wide media coverage. Some pointers to the news:

Google official blog, 26 June 2012

NYT Front page on large scale neural network
John Markoff, 25 June 2012: How Many Computers to Identify a Cat? 16,000

NPR interview of Andrew Ng by Audie Cornish
A Massive Google Network Learns To Identify — Cats
26 June 2012

BBC News, 26 June 2012
Google computer works out how to spot cats

The Atlantic, 26 June 2012
The Triumph of Artificial Intelligence! 16,000 Processors Can Identify a Cat in a YouTube Video Sometimes

NBC News,
Google-built machine learns to find cats on the Internet

27 June 2012
Google Builds a Brain that Can Search for Cat Videos

The Economist
27 June 2012
Computers that can cat-egorise

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