Google creates PhD fellowship in deep learning

Google has officially announced its PhD fellowships for this year:
Google Phd Fellowships from Google Research Page
The names, titles and affiliation of the recipients of the award.

Since 2009, Google has recognized and supported promising PhD students with its Google PhD fellowship program. These prestigious fellowships are awarded to one student in the US or Canada in each of about fifteen academic disciplines each year (and more recently, more fellowships are awarded worldwide). In past years, deep learning researchers such as Ilya Sutskever and James Martens have received the Google PhD Fellowship in Machine Learning. This year, Google recognized the field of deep learning by introducing a Google PhD Fellowship in Deep Learning. It was awarded to Ian Goodfellow, co-supervised by Aaron Courville and Yoshua Bengio at Université de Montréal. It is remarkable that Google would provide a fellowship in deep learning alongside other much more established fields like statistics, computer architecture, and distributed computing.

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