A paper on Pylearn2 is released

A paper about Pylearn2 and its architecture has been published on arXiv. It can be accessed via the following link: http://arxiv.org/pdf/1308.4214v1.pdf . If you use Pylearn2 in research publications, please cite this paper. An example bibtex entry is:

title={Pylearn2: a machine learning research library},
author={Ian J. Goodfellow and David Warde-Farley and Pascal Lamblin
and Vincent Dumoulin and Mehdi Mirza and Razvan Pascanu and James
Bergstra and Fr\'{e}d\'{e}ric Bastien and Yoshua Bengio},
journal={arXiv preprint arXiv:1308.421},

Or you can cite it as :

Ian J. Goodfellow, David Warde-Farley, Pascal Lamblin, Vincent Dumoulin, Mehdi Mirza, Razvan Pascanu, James Bergstra, Frédéric Bastien and Yoshua Bengio, Pylearn2: a machine learning research library (2013), in: arXiv preprint arXiv:1308.4214

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