Andrew Ng is hired by Baidu

Andrew Ng who is one of the co-founder of Coursera, an ex-employee of Google, professor at University of Stanford and an important contributor for machine learning has just been hired by Baidu[1,2,3]. Andrew Ng is going to take on the role of Chief Scientist at Baidu in Silicon Valley. Adam Coates, previously a PhD and Postdoc student of Andrew Ng,  is going to join Baidu as well and his research is going to be mainly focused on unsupervised learning algorithms.




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  • [...] The first part by Andrew Ng was a video meetup joint to 3 locations – Paris, Zurich and Berlin. Andrew Ng is a co-founder of Coursera and a Machine Learning guru. He teaches the ML course in Coursera which is one of the most popular courses in Coursera (took it myself and it is a very good and structured introduction to machine learning, new session started yesterday). He teaches in Standford and soon he will be leaving to Baidu research. [...]

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