Google’s Entry to ImageNet 2014 Challenge

Imagenet 2014 competition is one of the largest and the most challenging computer vision challenge. This challenge is held annually and each year it attracts top machine learning and computer vision researchers. Neural networks, specifically convolutional neural networks again made a big impact on the result of this year’s challenge [1]. Google’s approach won the classification and object recognition challenges. Google used a new variant of convolutional neural network called “Inception” for classification, and for detection the R-CNN [5] was used. The results and the approach that Google’s team took are summarized here [2, 3]. Google’s team was able to train a much smaller neural network and obtained much better results  compared to results obtained with convolutional neural networks in the previous year’s challenges.  Andrej Karpathy, one of the organizer of the competition, summarized his experience and the challenge itself in his blog post [4].

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