Conference on the Economics of Machine Intelligence-Dec 15

The Creative Destruction Lab at the University of Toronto is hosting a conference on the Economics of Machine Intelligence on December 15 in Toronto: “Machine Learning and the Market for Intelligence.”

This meeting is not a computer science conference. The focus is on the business opportunities that ML is spawning: what has already happened, trends, and how the future may unfold. In addition to researchers such as Geoff Hinton, Rus Salakhutdinov, and Ilya Sutskever, the conference will also feature founders of ML-oriented ventures (e.g., Clarifai, MetaMind, Atomwise), large organizations that are at the frontier of applying ML (e.g., Uber, IBM, Bloomberg), investors focused on ML ventures (e.g., Accel, Bessemer, Google Ventures), and authors of recent books on the implications of advances in machine intelligence (The Master Algorithm, SuperIntelligence, Machines of Loving Grace, Humans Need Not Apply).  The program is attached.

Many entrepreneurs and inventors will attend, such as Tony Lacavera (Wind), Ted Livingston (Kik), David Ossip (Ceridian), Geordie Rose (D-Wave), Jevon MacDonald (GoInstant), Tomi Poutanen (Optimized Search Algorithms), Mike Serbinis (Kobo), Dan Debow (Rypple), Dennis Kavelman (RIM), and Barney Pell (Powerset, Moon Express).

Also, a number of Canadian CEOs will also attend (Dave McKay [RBC], Brian Porter [Scotiabank], Don Walker [Magna], Paul Desmarais III [Power Corp], Sam Sebastian [Google], Gerrard Schmid [D&H], Kilian Berz [BCG], Joanna Rotenberg [BMO, Private Wealth Management], Steve Carlisle [GM], etc)

Several VCs will join us (Relay, Real, BDC, Celtic House, Georgian, Accel, Bessemer, Google Ventures, DFJ, FoundersFund, Greylock, True, Amplify, Lux, Bloomberg, Microsoft, Salesforce, Spark, etc.).

Several members of the international print media will also participate (The Economist, Wired, New York Times, Financial Times, Associated Press, Bloomberg, etc.).

The Governor General and the Mayor of Toronto will also join us, along with a number of provincial and federal politicians.

If you would like to attend, then please register here:

For official announcements on Facebook and Twitter page of “Creative Destruction Lab”, please check-out the links in [1] and [2].



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