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Module kernel_regression

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Implementation of kernel regression:

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Implementation of kernel regression: * the data are n (x_t,y_t) pairs and we want to estimate E[y|x] * the predictor computes f(x) = b + \sum_{t=1}^n lpha_t K(x,x_t) with free parameters b and alpha, training inputs x_t, and kernel function K (gaussian by default).
A kernel predictor has parameters theta (a bias vector and a weight matrix alpha) it can use to make a non-linear prediction (according to the KernelPredictorEquations).
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kernel_predictor(inputs, params, *otherargs) source code
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  row_vector = theano.tensor.DimShuffle((False,), ['x', 0])
  col_vector = theano.tensor.DimShuffle((False,), [0, 'x'])

Imports: OfflineLearningAlgorithm, T, prepend_1_to_each_row, as_scalar, AutoName, theano, numpy