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Module DAA_inputs_groups

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De-noising Auto-encoder with inputs groups and missing values
Functions [hide private]
save_mat(fname, mat, save_dir='') source code
load_mat(fname, save_dir='') source code
orthogonalinit(W, axis=1) source code
PCAinit(data, nhid) source code
lnorm(param, type='l2') source code
get_reg_cost(params, type) source code
sigmoid_act(x) source code
tanh_act(x) source code
tanh2_act(x) source code
softsign_act(x) source code
arsinh_act(x) source code
sigmoid_cross_entropy(target, output_act, mean_axis, sum_axis) source code
tanh_cross_entropy(target, output_act, mean_axis, sum_axis) source code
tanh2_cross_entropy(target, output_act, mean_axis, sum_axis) source code
softsign_cross_entropy(target, output_act, mean_axis, sum_axis) source code
cross_entropy(target, output_act, act, mean_axis=0, sum_axis=1) source code
quadratic(target, output, act, mean_axis=0) source code

Imports: numpy, theano, copy, T, module, scaninputs, scandotdec, scandotenc, scannoise, scanbiasdec, scanmaskenc, scanmaskdec, FillMissing, mask_gradient, blockgrad, LogRegN, pylearn, time, filetensor, os