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Module cifar10

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CIFAR-10 dataset of labeled small colour images.

For details see either:

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_unpickle(filename, dtype) source code
forget() source code
train_data(dtype) source code
train_labels() source code
valid_data(dtype) source code
valid_labels() source code
test_data(dtype) source code
test_labels() source code
cifar10(s_idx, split, dtype='float64', rasterized=False, color='grey')
:param s_idx: the indexes
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glviewer(split='train') source code
datarow_to_greyscale_28by28(row, max_scale=1.0) source code
batch_iter(b_idx, max_scale=1.0) source code
train_iter(scale=1.0) source code
valid_iter(scale=1.0) source code
test_iter(scale=1.0) source code
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  nclasses = 10

Imports: cPickle, os, sys, numpy, data_root, theano, TensorFnDataset, memo, train_data_labels, test_data_labels

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cifar10(s_idx, split, dtype='float64', rasterized=False, color='grey')

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:param s_idx: the indexes

:param split:

:param dtype:

:param rasterized: return examples as vectors (True) or 28x28 matrices (False)

:param color: control how to deal with the color in the images'

  • grey greyscale (with luminance weighting)
  • rgb add a trailing dimension of length 3 with rgb colour channels