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Module gldataset

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Demonstrate a complicated dynamically-generated dataset.

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Render an OpenGL program to a framebuffer instead of the screen.
Helper base class to factor code used by Ops that want to make a movie from an input image, using OpenGL.
Functions [hide private]
debug(*msg) source code
info(*msg) source code
warn(*msg) source code
warning(*msg) source code
error(*msg) source code
init_GL(shape=(64,64), title='Offscreen rendering using FB0') source code
image_on_spinning_cube(x, shape, upside_down=False) source code
brownian_camera(x, shape, upside_down=False, seed=8234, speed=1.0) source code
_dump_to_file(fn, filename='out.pkl', nexamples=1000, n_frames=10, **kwargs) source code
spinning_cube_dump(filename='spinning_cube.pkl', *args, **kwargs) source code
brownian_camera_dump(filename='brownian_camera.pkl', *args, **kwargs) source code
brownian_camera_dumpN(filename='brownian_cameraN.pkl', nexamples=10, n_frames=5, n_movies=10, img_shape=(28,28), **kwargs) source code
glviewer_from_file(filename='out.pkl') source code
Variables [hide private]
  _logger = logging.getLogger('gldataset')
  _brownian_camera_ops = {}

Imports: copy, logging, sys, Image, load_texture, numpy, theano, shared, function