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Module glviewer

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This file provides a very crude image-viewing and movie-viewing mini-application.

It is provided to assist in the development of datasets whose elements are images or movies.
For an example of how to do this, see the `glviewer` function in .

Currently, the key controls that navigate the dataset are:

    j - next dataset element
    k - previous dataset element
    0 - show image 0

    J - next frame in current movie
    K - previous frame in current movie
    ) - show frame 0 of current movie

    q - quit.

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debug(*msg) source code
info(*msg) source code
warn(*msg) source code
warning(*msg) source code
error(*msg) source code
load_texture(x) source code
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  _logger = logging.getLogger('glviewer')

Imports: traceback, time, string, sys, numpy, logging