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Module graph

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Theano graph for an autoassociator for sparse inputs, which will be trained using Ronan Collobert + Jason Weston's sampling trick (2008).

To Do: Make nearly everything private.

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hingeloss(MARGIN) source code
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  xnonzero = t.dvector()
  w1nonzero = t.dmatrix()
  b1 = t.dvector()
  w2nonzero = t.dmatrix()
  w2zero = t.dmatrix()
  b2nonzero = t.dvector()
  b2zero = t.dvector()
  h = sigmoid(dot(xnonzero, w1nonzero)+ b1)
  ynonzero = sigmoid(dot(h, w2nonzero)+ b2nonzero)
  yzero = sigmoid(dot(h, w2zero)+ b2zero)
  nonzeroloss = hingeloss(ynonzero-t.max(yzero)-MARGIN)
  zeroloss = hingeloss(-t.max(-(ynonzero))-yzero-MARGIN)
  loss = t.sum(nonzeroloss)+ t.sum(zeroloss)
  inputs = [xnonzero, w1nonzero, b1, w2nonzero, w2zero, b2nonzer...
  outputs = [ynonzero, yzero, loss, gw1nonzero, gb1, gw2nonzero,...
  trainfn = theano.compile.function(inputs, outputs)

Imports: MARGIN, sigmoid, binary_crossentropy, t, dot, theano

Variables Details [hide private]


[xnonzero, w1nonzero, b1, w2nonzero, w2zero, b2nonzero, b2zero]


[ynonzero, yzero, loss, gw1nonzero, gb1, gw2nonzero, gw2zero, gb2nonze\
ro, gb2zero]