Release Notes

Theano 1.0.1 (6th of December, 2017)

This is a maintenance release of Theano, version 1.0.1, with no new features, but some important bug fixes.

We recommend that everybody update to this version.

Highlights (since 1.0.0):

  • Fixed compilation and improved float16 support for topK on GPU
    • NB: topK support on GPU is experimental and may not work for large input sizes on certain GPUs
  • Fixed cuDNN reductions when axes to reduce have size 1
  • Attempted to prevent re-initialization of the GPU in a child process
  • Fixed support for temporary paths with spaces in Theano initialization
  • Spell check pass on the documentation

A total of 6 people contributed to this release since 1.0.0:

  • Frederic Bastien
  • Steven Bocco
  • Arnaud Bergeron
  • Sam Johnson
  • Edward Betts
  • Simon Lefrancois