Andrew Ng is hired by Baidu

Andrew Ng who is one of the co-founder of Coursera, an ex-employee of Google, professor at University of Stanford and an important contributor for machine learning has just been hired by Baidu[1,2,3]. Andrew Ng is going to take on the role of Chief Scientist at Baidu in Silicon Valley. Adam Coates, previously a PhD and […]

Deep learning based Visual Search Engines

Recently Google and Baidu announced their deep learning (specifically, convolutional neural network) based visual search engines.

You can find more information related to Google’s Visual Search on the Google’s Research web site: There is also a recent Wired story on Baidu’s visual search engine as well: […]

Baidu opens a deep learning lab in the Silicon Valley

Previously in this blog, we have mentioned that Baidu (a dominant search engine in China) is opening Institute of Deep Learning. According to a recent news in Wired, Baidu has opened its research facility on Deep Learning in Silicon Valley at San Francisco Cupertino. In this lab Kai Yu is going to lead the speech […]

Baidu will establish an Institute of Deep Learning

The Chinese Internet company will set up its Institute of Deep Learning later this year to focus its research on developing and enhancing its current web services via deep learning techniques. Source: ZD-Net Emerging Tech News