An Interview on AI and Deep Learning with Yann Lecun and Peter Norvig

NPR’s Onpoint radio program interviewed Yann LeCun & Peter Norvig interviewed on NPR, on AI and deep learning.

[1] On Point: Artificial intelligence, Big Data, and deep learning, 29 November 2012,

Deep Learning Algorithms made front page on New York Times

A recent article written by John Markoff for New York Times raised the interest in deep learning algorithms[1] by the general audience. As a response to that news Gary Marcus wrote a critic about deep learning [2].

[1] New York Times, John Markoff, Scientists See Promise in Deep-Learning Programs, 23 November 2012

[2] The […]

Google’s Large Scale Deep Learning Experiments

Google’s new large-scale learning experimentation using 16000 CPU cores and deep learning as part of google brain project had made a big success on Imagenet dataset. This success had a wide media coverage. Some pointers to the news:

Google official blog, 26 June 2012

NYT Front page on large scale neural network John Markoff, […]