A Brief Summary of the Panel Discussion at DL Workshop @ICML 2015 by Kyunghyun Cho

You can also access original post from Kyunghyun Cho’s blog, DeepRNN .


The finale of the Deep Learning Workshop at ICML 2015 was the panel discussion on the future of deep learning. After a couple of weeks of extensive discussion and exchange of emails among the workshop organizers, we invited six panelists; Yoshua […]

Yoshua Bengio’s talk at MSR about Deep Learning of Representations and GSNs

Yoshua Bengio gave a recent presentation on “Deep Learning of Representation” and Generative Stochastic Networks (GSNs) at MSR and AAAI 2013. Slides of the talk can be accessed from this link.

Wired article on Yoshua Bengio and Deep Learning

Wired has released another story on deep learning and they interviewed Yoshua Bengio on his recent work about unsupervised learning. They also discuss AI and a new approach to Deep Learning using Generative Stochastic Networks (GSN).


Papers and codes about GSN.

Wired article.

Deep Learning Representations

Yoshua Bengio’s Google tech talk about Deep Learning Representations at Google Montreal on 11/13/2012 is now on youtube Google Tech Talks Channel.